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Benjamin Croucher

Ben has worked so well with my son. Trace can be easily distracted and bored with scheduled activities however he has never once complained about drum lessons with Mr. Ben. To see him grow as a drummer these last 2 years has been so exciting! 


The Lopez Family

"Words cannot express how grateful we are that Sean has a teacher that he looks up to and is inspired by.

We enjoy listening to him play and he looks forward to his music classes with you.

The 1/2 hour goes by very quickly.

Thank you for all that you do."

"Thank you for another great year! It has been so exciting watching Trey progress this year. You have been a good mentor to him.

Thank you, The Lopez Family"

"We are so fortunate to have found Ben for drum lessons!  My son loves him and has been taking lessons from him for three years.  We are THRILLED with his progress."

H. Carr

C. Hagenbuch

PArent Recommendations

J. Boyd

"It is not only how you have affected Gigi, it's you.  You are dedicated, passionate and really care about the kids.  This was NOT my experience at a lesson place that I would prefer to forget."
"Ben is dedicated, passionate and really cares about the kids that he teaches.  He takes the time to really teach them about music and not just 'how to keep a beat'.  I've watched him with my daughter and she is captivated."