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Benjamin Croucher

Located in Dallas, Texas

Come to my studio filled with instruments from around the world. I teach Drumset, Piano, Bass guitar, electronic music and music production lessons with my full studio setup. Learn with the right instruments and tools on hand. 


What I expect of my students : 

- All of my students learn to read music, because having the ability to     read will allow them to teach themselves.

- I require them to have FUN, because playing music IS fun and it aids     the learning process

- We must learn about old music and new music. We couldn't possibly     know where music is going if we don't know where it came from. 

Private Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length, one lesson per week. 

I offer music lessons in my home studio and also provide lessons in your home. I charge a fee to cover gas and tolls depending on your location. I work this out with parents on an individual basis. Please contact me directly to schedule. 

I have experience working for teaching studios that require a degree from an accredited university and I currently work in school districts that require a full background check. I also carry liability insurance so you can be assured you are learning with a professional instructor. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons at any time. I prefer parents to be involved in the education process.

I have experience teaching all ages. My younger students have become more serious about music, while others enjoy learning an instrument along with the other activities/sports they are involved in. Because music has something for everyone, the benefits can be  by everyone who studies. Whether you spend years or months taking lessons, there is no debate as to the positive effects of music on young people, and for that matter, all people. 

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