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Benjamin Croucher

New Student? 

My students work through the beginner pack before purchasing my book. This ensures the idea: right materials for the right student equals success. These books are most beneficial to beginners who have not been introduced to the "academic" style of music education. 

       Download the beginner pack here : 

Mr. Ben's Drum Books

The Mr. Ben's titled drum books came about while uses multiple different books during private lessons, to the point that we needed a simple and concise way to gain the knowledge we needed while keeping the unnecessary "fillers" out of our curriculum. All of my students learn to read music because then the student will to learn how to continue the growth of knowledge without teacher instruction. I prefer my students to begin with my introductory materials before moving onto another method book because they give a general overview of the basics and techniques involved in learning how to play the drums.

"Stick Control Level 1" focuses on stick exercises and 7 levels of sight reading with a performance etude at the end of the book.

​"Drumset Level 1" introduces tuning, care, and maintenance. The book focuses on the 8th note ostinato and includes sheet music to 11 ​popular songs 

*Books are created, edited, and produced by Mr. Ben