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Benjamin Croucher

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Bronwen and Croucher

Quintet For the End of Time

1 - Truth
3 - Neverland
5 - The only home
8 - There ya go
​9 - big as you

Ladies and Gentlemen... Brant Croucher!

Houston based Singer-songwriter, Brant Croucher has a particular kind of "country" music that tends to be more on the folk/americana side of the genre. I've performed with Brant on many occasions, even a fundraiser where we shared the same stage as Pat Green, Sammy Kershaw, and Jerry Jeff Walker

The second video is a song written by Brant about our grandfather and grandmother, Hugh and Lou Brantley.

I helped record the song and make the video.

Meadows Jazz Ensemble

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Brant Croucher

House - original music

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Lainey Balagia

Award winning singer-songwriter and lead vocalist, Lainey Balagia released her first album, Neverland, back in 2012. I performed on the following tracks:

Joslin Dzousa

I performed with the dignitaries for roughly two years. 2014-2016.

During that time, we accomplished many impressive feats. Performed regularly at local venues, Opening Bell, Two Corks and a Bottle, Ten Bells Tavern, Stoney's Wine Lounge, The Balcony Club, The Gingerman, and more

In 2014 we toured the East Coast on our way to The Zlatne Uste Golden Festival, in Brooklyn NY where we performed on January 19th, 2014. 

We performed a world debut of the original composition, Universal Language, at the Dallas Museum of Art on Nov. 2nd 2014. We later performed the same piece for the Dallas UN chapter at their 76th Anniversary event in the City Performance Hall, on November 3rd 2015.

The Obscure Dignitaries also work with another local group: The 8th St. Orkestar. Combined Winds, Brass, Vocals, Drums, and Guitar. 

The Obscure Dignitaries are currently performing in the Dallas area. Check them out here:

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The Meadows World Music Ensemble, under the direction of Jamal Mohamed, explores music from cultures and continents around the globe.

The group combines traditional instruments from Africa, Asia and Latin America with standard western orchestral instruments to create unique interpretations of traditional folk melodies as well as original compositions. Hot drumming and imaginative improvisation are hallmarks of the group’s concerts, which have featured such guest artists as Glen Velez, Poovalur Sriji and K. Sridhar, among others.

Doubting Scholars


The Obscure Dignitaries is a world-folk music group made up Dallas-based, professional musicians who strive to recreate intricate, traditional, folk rhythms from around the globe. The group is committed to maintaining the authenticity of the pieces they share, they also endeavor to expand the boundaries of the traditional folk genre by bringing their own unique forms of expression and creativity to the dynamic and ever-evolving art form. From Gypsy dances to Bulgarian ballads, Americana spirituals to Brazilian Samba, the Obscure Dignitaries hope to take you around the world with their mix of guitar, vocals, double bass, hand drums, and any other instruments they can get their hands on.

Jamal Mohamed Ensemble     -    Meadows World Music Ensemble

The Obscure Dignitaries