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Benjamin Croucher

The Obscure Dignitaries also work with another local group: The 8th St. Orkestar. Combined Winds, Brass, Vocals, Drums, and Guitar. 


The Obscure Dignitaries is a world-folk music group made up of four, Dallas-based, professional musicians who strive to recreate intricate, traditional, folk rhythms from around the globe. While the quartet is committed to maintaining the authenticity of the pieces they share, they also endeavor to expand the boundaries of the traditional folk genre by bringing their own unique forms of expression and creativity to the dynamic and ever-evolving art form. From Gypsy dances to Bulgarian ballads, Americana spirituals to Brazilian Samba, the Obscure Dignitaries hope to take you around the world with their mix of guitar, vocals, double bass, hand drums, and any other instruments they can get their hands on.

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The Obscure Dignitaries