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Dallas Chamber Symphony : DCS gives youth ages 10-17 and their adult mentors/caregivers chances to discover and enjoy live music through scripted concerts exploring concepts key to becoming resilient, productive community members: emotions/self-expression, impulse control/personal management, collaborative/conflict resolution skills, stress management, and psychological toughness.

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multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and producer based in Houston, TX. The direction of Benjamin’s music making is at the core described in one word, diverse. As a percussionist, Benjamin found creative ways to perform in a variety of ensembles, from marching drum corps to performing in orchestras, from jazz bands to world music ensembles, even producing electronic music. He is a teacher with many young successful students. He is also the author of two lesson books on the verge of publishing. He has performed as a dance musician, a hippie bongo-playing backup vocalist, and even wedding DJ. The range of instruments gets larger everyday. From drumsets to doumbeks, to pianos, vibraphones, an array of worldly percussion instruments, dulcimers, bass guitars, this weird thing called a malletkat, and all of the ukuleles.

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